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Hello I'm Stuart Lee, a 3D artist and video game developer from England.

I've been working in the game industry since the begining of 2008 as an environment artist and level designer on a number of PC games including Star Citizen and Age of Conan. Below is a selection of screenshots and clips from the games I've worked on, as well as some personal projects.

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Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

This is a personal project - an adventure game I'm developing all by myself so I'm responsible for the art, design, programming and everything else that goes into it.

So far I've created the character art concepts and 3D models/textures and a short demo in one location as a target for the art style and quality to aim for for the rest of the game. All screenshots are taken directly from a test build or the Unity editor.

Strategy Game

I created various interior environment kits for level construction and set dressing props for a strategy game, including the main image for the title/menu screen.

RainbowJam 2017 - Colourful David

Colourful David was my entry for RainbowJam 2017, a game jam to celebrate and promote diversity in the games industry. The theme was 'spectrum' and I made a light beam puzzle game, using one colour of the visible spectrum per level. I made the game by myself in 2 weeks, in the Unity game engine. At the end of the jam Colourful David was voted # 1 in the 'Fun' and 'Art' categories. You can download and play the game right now! Just follow this link -

Star Citizen - ArcCorp

I worked extensively on the early iterations of the first planetside location for Star Citizen's persistent universe - ArcCorp. Working from the inital concept I developed a modular kit that could be used to create a wide variety of industrial sci-fi city locations for the many planets that will eventually be built for the game.

I did the majority of the modelling, texturing and PBR material creation of the environment assets in this scene, excluding the buggies, buggy charging station and animated screen graphics.

The screenshots are taken directly from CryEngine of a small section of ArcCorp the video shows work in progress of the location (exterior section is from 0.20 to 2.27 in the clip).

Star Citizen - Revel & York Hangar

Here is the official video of the new hangars for Star Citizen. I was the lead artist on the 'Revel & York' hangar (starts at 1m52s) creating a modular kit to build the hangar which is procedurally generated/expanded based on the number of ships a player owns. The kit can also be reused to create any number of other spaces in the same art style.

After I finshed creating the base kit with all the nessessary pieces with the correct dimensions and overall forms, the individual assets were detailed by myself and two other artists. I also made textures and PBR materials for the kit, put the hangar together in the CryEngine and lead the small team of three artists to complete this project to the very high level of quality that Star Citizen demands, on a very tight time schedule.

Age of Conan - The Savage Coast of Turan

Here are some screens from the Savage Coast of Turan content pack released for Age of Conan. I was responsible for all world design, lighting and some asset creation for the main outdoor location including the City of Ardashir and the surrounding coastline. I was also responsible for lighting the instanced areas The Isle of Iron Statues, Fort Ardashir and Deadman's Hand.

The Turan content pack has it's own story and setting but does tie in with some of the characters featured in the Conan The Barbarian movie released around the same time in 2011 and was shown as part of the 'special features' on the bluray release of the film.

(The video below doesn't have a preview image, but it plays just fine)

Age of Conan - Forgotten City

This is the Forgotten City - a single player dungeon released as part of the 'Unchained' re-launch of Age of Conan. I was responsible for level design as well as most of the modelling, texturing and lighting of the environment.

Age of Conan - Refuge of the Apostate

Refuge of the Apostate is a single player dungeon I created for Age of Conan - Rise of the Godslayer. I was responsible for level design as well as all modelling, texturing and lighting the environment.

Age of Conan - Thoth Amon's Stronghold

The mission here was to revamp one of the older raid dungeons in the game, optimising it without making new textures or extensive re-modelling and to re-light it making the most of the new deferred lighting system in the engine.

The dungeon itself was split into two seperate wings, I did the lighting from scratch, added environmental effects and optimised the dungeon mesh and collision a lot to reduce memory usage and loading times.

Being a 24 person raid there are some very large, open rooms so I had to pay particular attention to how many shadow casting lights were used and use the lighting to enhance the existing details.

Age of Conan - Rise of the Godslayer - Paikang

Here are some screenshots for Paikang - a huge outdoor zone I created for Age of Conan - Rise of the Godslayer.

I was responsible for all the world design for this location, including all heightmap generation and painting, placing out all assets/props/buildings and defining the various areas throughout the level that include quest hubs, open world areas, three villages, areas of special interest for various quests and a couple of dungeon and raid entrances.

I was also responsible for lighting and environment settings including making a full day/night cycle for the whole zone as well as some texture and asset creation including the old ruins and some organic props such as trees, small plants and rocks.

Key House from Locke & Key

This is a personal project, recreating Key House from the comic book series Locke & Key.

Here are some screens of the progress so far, including wireframe, 3DS Max render with diffuse textures only and an early test in UDK.

Historical documents

Some dusty old images from ancient times...